Bail Bond Online: A Step By Step Guide For NYC

Without help, arranging bail can be overwhelming and costly. Betterbail strives to bring parts of the process online, simplifying and accelerating the process for our New York City clients. This is a primer on how an online bail bond works.

Visualization of Betterbail's simple process for getting a bail bond online

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Step One: Get a Quote

A quote will tell you how much your bail bond will likely cost. With Betterbail's online bail bond platform, you can get a quote in under 2 minutes, just by answering a few short questions about the case.

Your quote will list two items: the premium and collateral. The premium is a non-refundable fee set by state law. Collateral is refunded, in full, at the conclusion of the case, so long as the defendant makes all appearances.

Step Two: Complete the Paperwork

With your quote in hand, it's time to complete the paperwork. Agents are required by law and by their insurers to collect certain information about you (the indemnitor), the defendant, and the case.

Agents must also verify the information you provide. To do that, agents require proof of the following:

Proof OfAccepted Forms
IdentityAny state issued photo ID
IncomeW2 or recent paystubs
ResidenceRecent piece of mail addressed to your residence

Step Three: Sign and Pay

For bonds that qualify, once the forms are complete, an agent will send you a bond agreement and an invoice via email. These can be signed and paid completely online.

We recommend using HelloSign eSignatures to provide fully ESIGN compliant signatures. You can sign right from your browser, even on your smartphone. We recommend agents serve invoices using Square Payments, which can also be paid from any any web browser.

You're Done!

Once you've signed and paid for the bond, your work is done! From here, a licensed New York bail bondsman will present the bond before a judge, who will issue a release slip for the defendant.

Unfortunately, it can take some time for the city to process an inmate's release. After the release slip is delivered it is generally another 12 hours before the defendant is released. We wish we could speed that up, but it's fully in the hands of the city.