About Us

About Betterbail

Betterbail was founded in 2015 to help New Yorkers make bail faster. The platform connects users with a bail bond through a local bondsman, guaranteeing fast service and a fair price.

The core team was motivated by the realization that the existing bail process is slow and prone to fraud. Far too many New Yorkers were being jailed needlessly, as their families and friends worked to coordinate bail or struggled with unreliable bondsmen. Families were being overcharged, defendants were being rearrested wrongfully, and collateral was stolen regularly.

The idea behind Betterbail is simple. By connecting New Yorkers with a vetted bondsmen, we can guarantee immediate, fast service and a fair price. We promote 100% transparency around pricing, ensuring that New Yorkers never pay above the rate set by law. The team is also committed to making the process as simple as possible. Paperwork and forms can be completed online. In some cases, a process that used to take hours or even days can now be completed in minutes, even on a smartphone.

Our goal is to make bail faster and fairer for all New Yorkers.